Aww yeah, Material-UI v4 is here!
Related Projects

Related projects

We have carefully curated a list of libraries that are worth having a look at.

Because the scope of problems Material-UI solves is limited, we try to play nicely with other libraries. Feel free to submit a pull request to add more projects; we will accept them if they match our criteria.

Material-UI Specific Projects

Complementary Projects

  • downshift Primitive to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant enhanced input React components
  • react-admin An admin framework combining material-ui with Redux, redux-form, redux-saga, and recompose
  • react-autosuggest WAI-ARIA compliant React autosuggest component.
  • react-final-form Subscription-based form state management for React.
  • react-most-wanted Starter kit using Material-UI, CRA, Redux, Firebase and all the "Most Wanted" features.
  • react-number-format React component to format numbers in an input or as a text.
  • react-popper React wrapper around PopperJS.
  • react-swipeable-views A React component for swipeable views. Plays well with the Tabs component.
  • react-text-mask Input mask for React, Angular, Ember, Vue, & plain JavaScript.
  • redux-form Manage your form state in Redux.
  • uniforms A set of React libraries for building forms.